This is the newest development in the area of business collaboration and file sharing. Throughout Europe the average use of the cloud is about 27%, thereby positioning the Netherlands on the sixth place, under the Scandinavian countries, United Kingdom and Luxemburg.

Cloud computing: are you familiar with this concept?

Storing pictures is the biggest reason why people in Europe use the Cloud. Almost a quarter of the European private Internet users do this. Also, corporations use it particularly to store important text files, spreadsheets and presentations safely in an external place.

Many corporations in Europe have a Cloud server from the US however, this is often a disadvantage. If your corporation stores important data on servers in the US this means that you are obligated to surrender information when requested by the US government. The Netherlands, however, is one of those countries that can guarantee no interference with your private data from the government whatsoever.

Privacy and safety with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services have a lot of advantages but there are still potential privacy and safety considerations to keep in mind before collecting, processing, sharing or storing company or personal data in the Cloud. Research shows that privacy and safety concerns are one of the main reasons why people do not use the Cloud for storage.
At least 13% of the Internet users in Europe indicate concerns about this. Another factor is unawareness of the features and advantages of the Cloud.

Because the Cloud has become such a famous concept in the business world there are various corporations in Europe investing in it. The average of the paying cloud users in Europe is 11%. The Scandinavian countries
exceed this with a total average of 19%.

Even though the virtual office is growing rapidly, not everyone has accepted it yet. Nevertheless the fact that the Cloud will only keep growing is inevitable and we cannot ignore this as companies are becoming more dependent on Cloud services.

Source: MKB Servicedesk / CBS / Eurostat



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