new vboxxcloud app

We are pleased to announce a new dedicated vBoxxCloud app, this release includes important new features and improvements related to performance and user experience.   


What's new?

  • The vBoxxCloud app can be found on the Google Play Store and the AppStore.
  • Easier to log in, writing the host server is not necessary anymore.
  • If you don't want to avoid the vBoxxCloud branding you can still use the Synced Tool to use vBoxxCloud on the mobile phone. 
  • Dark mode is now available and displays text properly. 

vboxxcloud app dark mode - vboxxcloudFixes

  • We've improved the integration with the operating system, allowing better handling of the "Copy to" action. Previously, when a user selected a file to share from a third party application (such as O365 Outlook) and then used the "Copy to vBoxxCloud" with a destination folder containing a file with the same name, the copy operation was unsuccessful.

  • In version 4.9, vBoxxCloud creates a new version of the file with no issues.