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Organization structure in vBoxxCloud

Efficient Cloud Management

Establish an organization structure that helps you efficiently manage clients, and provide support when needed.

Manage Clients

Help your clients build their business, set up their file sharing organization and share files inside and outside their company.

Track Cloud Activity

Create activity alerts, weekly reports and monitor machine status. Grow your business by proactively helping your customers.

Cloud Organization Structure

Organize your clients with different organizations and departments.

Cloud Storage Distribution

Distribute the storage space as you see fit.

Special Pricing Conditions

Partners benefit from competitive pricing, and no annual commitments.

Technical Support

If the issue becomes too complex, we will help you find a solution.

Join the vBoxxCloud partner program and help your customers share files in a secure environment

Why become a vBoxxCloud partner?

vBoxxCloud helps you build a strong relationship with your clients. If you join our partner program you will be able to set up your organization in one day. We provide full support while you set up your organization so that you can grow together with your clients.

Use cases

Our clients are present in several different markets


A stable and efficient file sharing platform is essential for software development. vBoxxCloud offers a platform that enables easy access to files and online collaboration. Manage access from a central dashboard.


Those committed to noble causes need access to modern tools. We provide the cloud resources that help Non-Profits accomplish their mission. vBoxxCloud offers the privacy and mobility these organizations require.


Moving companies deal with large amounts of data. An efficient and secure cloud is essential to maintain a smooth operation. Naturally, vBoxxCloud offers greater flexibility when exchanging information.

Medical Support

In healthcare, every minute matters. Patient information and other confidential data needs to be protected. vBoxxCloud offers a platform that is not only secure but easy to use.

Become a vBoxxCloud partner and help your clients keep their files private & secure.

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