A Good Alternative to Solve Your Dropbox Problem

vBoxxCloud is an invaluable alternative for your Dropbox problem, which gives people the mobility they need to work efficiently and simultaneously maintain control over company data.

Your data everywhere

In a century where people are required to work from anywhere in the world and where urgent deadlines have become usual, it is essential that all their work can be taken home, abroad or wherever they may go. When taking the data with them, employees tend to use a number of familiar ways to ensure that they have access to their data outside the office:
–       Email the data to their own email account;
–       Use a USB drive;
–       Use Dropbox or similar programs.


Security problems Dropbox and OneDrive

All of the options mentioned above, entail a number of serious security problems. Security concerns that may arise are, for example: For how long will the company data be saved in a personal email, on a USB drive or in a Dropbox? What will happen to this data eventually?

In addition to the obvious security problems, having to use one of the methods mentioned above, usually implies an increased workload for the employee and can also create various other problems, such as:
–       Version overlap
–       Full mailboxes
–       More margin for errors
–       Data loss

These problems can lead to unmet deadlines, high IT costs, stress and just loosing a lot of hours work.

Taking the current needs, requirements and overarching security problems into consideration, vBoxxCloud offers a reliable, successful and efficient alternative. vBoxxCloud can sync folders from your internal file server to users and even specific devices. Just edit the file on any device, save it and your latest version is automatically stored and updated across users, their devices and even on your fileserver.

vBoxxCloud allows you to make your employees mobile, while remaining in control of all your essential company data.

If you are interested in this increasingly popular alternative solution, please contact us directly at +31 70 2060091 or send an email to info@vboxx.nl