Share files in a secure cloud environment

Secure Environment

Our data center is ISO-27001 certified and all your files are encrypted to protect them against online threats.

Available Everywhere

Install the Sync Tool on your laptop, phone or tablet and view and edit your files anywhere you are in the world.

Hosted in Europe (NL)

All your documents are stored in certified data centers with state of the art security in the Netherlands.

Easy to share

Synchronize files with your colleagues or share them externally through free guest users. Also via your phone or tablet!

Activity Notifications

Receive notifications when a (guest) user uploads or downloads a file and set expiration dates for your external shares.

Personal Contact

A close contact with our customers is very important to us. Do you have any questions? Ask us via telephone, live chat or e-mail.

Together we improve the world

We work with nonprofit organizations to help them share files securely. Nonprofit organizations can use vBoxxCloud with a discount, because they also need to work in a safe cloud environment.

The Green Fan

vBoxx is a member of the Green Fan! To make a positive contribution to a better environment we work together with EvoSwitch and partners to ensure that all your documents are available in an environmentally friendly way.


Nonprofit organizations often have to save as much as possible and that is why we offer a 20% discount on our secure cloud environment. We help organizations further their causes by providing secure and confidential cloud storage at a discount.


Controlled and certified by an external third party. Make your organization GDPR compliant by using vBoxxCloud!

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Free Online Demo

We are happy to show you how your organization can use vBoxxCloud in a one-on-one session with one of our experts.

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About vBoxx

Read more about vBoxx's mission and how we want to help achieve our customers' goals.

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What our customers say

ICT Tegenbosch

"We were looking for an affordable solution to securely share, edit and GDPR-compliant files. After a short evaluation, in which we have been well assisted several times by their employees, we now use vBoxxCloud for one and a half months to our complete satisfaction."


"I thought that vBoxxCloud would be complicated, but I was quickly assisted by the very friendly and helpful staff at vBoxx. Until now it works perfectly and the sync tool is also very fast! And on top of that GDPR ready! I am very satisfied!"


"In connection with the introduction of the GDPR, I was looking for another Cloud provider. I am very happy with the great explanations and support during the entire process. The data is now securely stored in the Cloud in the Netherlands. I recommend it!"


"Because of GDPR, we went looking for a reliable Cloud solution. I am very happy with the possibility to create guest accounts, so that I can share documents securely. The help desk is quick to answer questions. I would definitely recommend vBoxx."

Special discount for nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations receive a monthly 20% discount on any users and storage they order. Are you interested? Contact our team or start a free trial!


€6,40 8

Per user each month

Special 20% discount
Cancel at any time
Full support included

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€1,60 2

Per 50GB each month

Special 20% discount
Cancel at any time
Full support included

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Human Power Team Delft

Human Power Team is a team consisting of students from Delft University of Technology and VU University Amsterdam who work together to push the limits of human capabilities and break the human powered speed record. To achieve this they select, train and coach athletes to race in their aerodynamic bike, the VeloX.


On September 10, 2019, one of the team cyclists broke the world record. The record speed of 122.12 km / hour was achieved in the Nevada desert in America.


At vBoxx we are proud of the Human Power Team and their results. The Human Power Team uses vBoxxCloud to securely synchronize files with colleagues and partners.

human power team logo