Control your data

A robust Cloud platform that gives you full control over, how, when and where you share information.

Data Monitoring

Remain in control of your files. Take advantage of the most advanced user interface and business monitoring tool.

Data Privacy

Your data is stored in the Netherlands in a state of the art data center or on premises. We don’t share or analyze your data.

File Locking

Do you have an important folder that can’t be modified? Lock folders automatically or manually to prevent others from making any changes.


Access your files from any device, vBoxxCloud is compatible with: Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Outlook.

Data Security

Restore deleted files, previous versions of your documents and backup personal folders.

Personalized Support

vBoxxCloud provides full support during and after the Trial. You will have personalized help whenever you have questions.

No strings attached | 14 day-free-trial | No credit card required

vBoxxCloud is easy for the user, advanced for the administrator. Use vBoxxCloud in a computer or mobile devices.

vBoxxCloud is easy for the user, advanced for the administrator.

Set up shared folders and control how and from which device can users access them.

Users can easily access shared documents through the sync tool or web browser.

Admins can keep track of all activity within their organization, through weekly reports or following the activity log.

Flexible Pricing

Choose any amount of users and storage packages, the more you order the more you save!



No Annual Commitment
Business Level Monitoring
File Locking
Fully Brandable
Secure Sharing
Unlimited Storage*



Free Data Migration
Free Online Demo
Personal Support
No Speed Limits
No File Size Limit
One Day Migration

Extra Pricing Information

How do I order more users?

The pricing is flexible, you can choose freely the amount of users and storage packs. The more users your order, bigger the discount, visit our order page to customize your order.

How can I get more storage?

You can choose as many storage packs as you would like. You can assign it to one user through vBoxxCloud policies or share it among all the users.

Do you have special discounts?

We support educational and non-profit organizations with special discounts. Contact us to learn about our special prices.

Free Migration what is that?

Do you need help switching from another Cloud solution to vBoxxCloud? Our free migration service makes sure our new clients make a smooth transition to vBoxxCloud.
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vBoxxCloud Update: Online Document Editing & New Desktop Client

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