Best Cloud of 2018

vBoxx has been recognized the best cloud provider of 2018 with its product vBoxxCloud!

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GDPR Ready

Controlled and certified by an external and independent organization.

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Free demonstration

Schedule a 1-on-1 demo and learn how your organization can use vBoxxCloud.

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What customers say about vBoxxCloud

"I am using this cloud service for a short time now, but I am really liking it and looking at the upcoming GDPR, it’s a big step forward."

"As an entrepeneur data are my main sources. So safe data management is crucial. The products and services of vBoxx are great."

"vBoxx is easy to use. The customer service is also very friendly and helpful. The migration to vBoxx has been very pleasant."

Flexible Pricing

No annual commitment | Users and storage easily scalable



Per user

Full Feature Access
SSL encryption
Custom branding
Online Document editing
Advanced admin control
File server enablement
Unlimited guest users
Personal support

European Cloud Storage (NL)


€2 per 50GB

Flexible Packages
Unlimited revisions
Free migration service
Continuous backup
Unlimited file size upload
Free guest sharing
No speed limit
Instant delivery

Extra Pricing Information

How do I order more users?

You can order any number of users from the vBoxx order page. To upgrade your account go to the vBoxx client portal. The more users you have, bigger the discount.

How can I get more storage?

You can choose as many storage packs as you would like. Assign storage to one user through vBoxxCloud policies or share it with all the users.

Do you offer special discounts?

We support educational and non-profit organizations with special discounts. Contact us to learn about our special prices.

Why do I need free migration?

Migrating data from one cloud solution to another can be stressful and time consuming. Our free migration service makes sure our new clients experience a smooth transition to vBoxxCloud.

Folder permissions

Control how and from which device users access folders.

Secure file sharing

Create password-protected links to share with external users.

Track cloud activity

Keep track of any file and folder changes with the activity log.

Edit documents online

Edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint files with the web editor.

Improve online collaboration in the tech industry

Send your data safely online

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5 Cloud migration challenges (and how to avoid them)

5 Cloud migration challenges (and how to avoid them)

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