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Customers give us 4.7 out of 5!

Best Cloud of 2018

vBoxx has been recognized the best cloud provider of 2018 with its product vBoxxCloud!

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GDPR Ready

Controlled and certified by an external and independent organization.

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Free Demonstration

Schedule a 1-on-1 demo and learn how your organization can use vBoxxCloud.

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What our customers say

"A user-friendly product and a reliable (and GDPR-compliant!) replacement for Dropbox. Friendly and customer-oriented support."

"Incredibly flexible and supportive cloud provider and cloud solution. It is ideal for companies (of any size really) and is user friendly."

"A safe and personal solution solution for my business and private data. Happy with the service and the easy transfer. Very user-friendly."

Collaborate easily on the same files

Add users to team folders

Organize your company files into different team folders and determine access rights for each user.

Live & Real-time collaboration

Work on the same file simultaneously in the web browser and see all the changes in a different color.

file synchronization in vboxxcloud

File changes are immediately synchronized

Any file changes are immediately synchronized to the cloud and all users who have access to that file.

Browse your files in Finder / Explorer

Any user can have their assigned team folders synchronized to their the computer.

Specify access rights for each user

Define user roles and decide what he or she can do in a folder. vBoxxCloud granular permissions are based on NTFS permissions. Each role has specific rights to read, write and delete files.

Clear warnings

If users attempt to perform an unauthorized action they will see an error, with an explanation.


Desktop users can access the notifications for more information in the "Alerts" tab.

granular file permissions for team shares in vboxxcloud
secure file sharing permissions in vboxxcloud

A free account for all your customers and partners

Easily share files with a link or create free guest accounts to securely share files outside your company. Guest users can only access the shared files through the web browser and administrators can easily track their activity.

Secure Sharing

Write the recipient's email address, and a free guest user account will be automatically created to access the content.

Public URL share

Without a password, but faster: give external users access to your files with a public link.


Receive notifications when a user uploads or downloads a file and set up an expiration date or a minimum number of downloads.

Customer support of the highest level

As soon as you start a trial or order our cloud storage, you will receive a personal email from one of our employees. He or she will be your direct point of contact within the company. Do you have questions later or are you having problems with the cloud? Then your contact person will contact you as soon as possible and help you solve the problem remotely.

Free 1-on-1 demo
all vboxx clients get direct customer support

Flexible Pricing

No annual commitment | Users and storage easily scalable


€8 Per User

Full Feature Access
SSL encryption
Custom branding
Online Document editing
Advanced admin control
File server enablement
Unlimited guest users
Personal support

European Storage (Sale!)

€2 per 50GB 150GB

500GB free +12 users
1TB free +24 users
Free migration service
Unlimited revisions
Continuous backup
Unlimited file size upload
Free guest sharing
No speed limit

Extra Pricing Information

You can order any number of users from the vBoxx order page. To upgrade your account go to the vBoxx client portal. The more users you have, bigger the discount.
You can choose as many storage packs as you would like. Assign storage to one user through vBoxxCloud policies or share it with all the users.
vBoxxCloud is available to educational and non-profit organizations with special discounts. Visit our non-profit page to learn about our special prices.
Migrating data from one cloud solution to another can be stressful and time consuming. Our free migration service makes sure our new clients experience a smooth transition to vBoxxCloud.

Folder permissions

vBoxx has been recognized the best cloud provider of 2018 with its product vBoxxCloud!

Track cloud activity

Controlled and certified by an external and independent organization.

Track cloud activity

Schedule a 1-on-1 demo and learn how your organization can use vBoxxCloud.

Edit documents online

Schedule a 1-on-1 demo and learn how your organization can use vBoxxCloud.

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