Our Mission

vBoxx is a Dutch hosting company that offers servers, cloud services and hosting capacity for companies all around the world. We value the personal care we offer our customers and proudly use our problem solving capabilities to help them achieve their goals.

Deliver high quality file sharing and webhosting solutions

Providing personal and proactive support to help our customers

Guarantee data privacy in all services provided

Helping our customers achieve their goals

vBoxx helps customer achieve their goals, step by step
green cloud storage

Green Cloud Storage

vBoxx guarantees ‘green hosting’ and sustainable business execution. CO2-compensation and green energy are only a part of this process. With every step of our production process we aim at maximum sustainability, ranging from hardware to paper and electricity.

The Green Fan

One of our data centers has developed the Green Fan program

vBoxx is also a member of this program and we are proud to work together with EvoSwitch and make a positive contribution towards a better environment.

Collaboration of various IT-businesses

Together with partners and end users, EvoSwitch ensures that all applications are available in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Green Fan program logo