5 things you can’t do when you upload files with Dropbox.

Uploading large files to the Cloud always takes some time, however some services are faster than others. vBoxxCloud doesn’t limit your file transfer speed, and transferring large files to the Cloud is much faster.

To help you save time, here are 5 things you can do when saving time with vBoxxCloud:

1.  Be more active on social media.

Haven’t posted on social media in a while? Check your uploaded files, you might find something interesting to post

2. More time for writing.

Do you write for a blog? Writing blog posts for your organization is not only instructive, but also useful for your website to be found in google. Searching for the right photo is also quick and easy with vBoxxCloud.

3. Say Goodbye to Spam.

You will finally take care of the many emails you need to deal with. Everyone in your office already has access to all the files. Now you will even have time to actually clean your spam folder!

4. Upload more large files!

You don’t have any file size limits, so why not take full advantage of it, by uploading all those large files, you need to backup. Best of all you will be able to access them on any device!

5. Take some time to relax.

Probably the most important, is to relax. Dedicating time to rest has a positive impact on your productivity. Your boss will definitively appreciate it! So, have a coffee, stretch your legs and explore all the useful features from vBoxxCloud.

Are you searching for a Dropbox alternative and want to dedicate more time to what matters? Discover how fast can vBoxxCloud be, and how productive you can become. Start a Free Trial and find more time for what’s important.§

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