5 tips and tricks to be more productive while working from home

Flexible working hours, no travel time and no travel expenses, are a few of the benefits that come with working from home. But sometimes it can be a big challenge, and that is why we give you 5 tips and tricks to be more productive while working from home.

1. Pretend you are going to the office

It is very tempting to stay in your pajamas when working from home, working comfortably sounds appealing but it can make you unproductive. Before you know it, your partner gets home from work and you are still sitting there in your “just out of bed” look.

Set your alarm, hit the shower, brush your teeth and put on some clothes. Your brain will switch to working mode more easily when you are actually getting ready to work. You will notice that you have better concentration throughout the day and that you will be much more productive.

2. Create a nice workplace

Ideally you have a separate room in your house that can be transformed into an actual office. You will have all your work supplies in one place, and you can literally close the door behind you when you finish working, and keep it closed until the next day.

When you don’t have this possibility in your house, then reserve some space in your living room or kitchen. Make sure this will be your permanent workplace and use it only for work. Try to avoid the bed or the couch (even though they look very tempting), you will be quickly distracted, plus they are not very ergonomic.

3. Take good care of yourself

When you are working from home, it is easy to have lunch behind your laptop or to just keep working. Get up from your desk every now and then, take a walk outside to get some fresh air and make sure you take a break. Go out for lunch or do some grocery shopping. Besides, a well filled fridge with healthy food is not a unnecessary luxury, being distracted because you are hungry will not contribute to your productivity.

4. Make a clear division between work and your private life

Many people think you have plenty of free time when you work from home, because you’re home anyway! Of course, it is nice when someone comes to visit you for a cup of coffee, but it won’t help you a bit with your work. Besides, you probably wouldn’t have many visits if you were working in an office, so make these appointments after work.

Let the household chores be what they are, minor tasks, you can reserve time for these after work. All these chores will affect your concentration, which means you have to work longer to get your tasks done.

5. Stay connected!

When you are working from home you have less or no social contact with your colleagues at all. Too bad, because working with others gives you most of the time a lot of energy. Fortunately, technology gives you the opportunity to work together, while not being physically together.

While using the cloud, you can work on the same files as your colleagues, but from another workplace.There are also services that give you the possibility to work together on a file, and communicate through chat inside the file. It’s like you are sitting next to each other. vBoxxCloud is a service that offers this possibility among other things, which is ideal if you are working from home!

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