7 Top Cloud Computing Threats

A recent report from the Cloud Security Alliance identified the biggest threats to Cloud Computing. Today we highlight some of them while identifying vBoxxCloud features that help prevent these threats. 

1. Data Breaches

Data Breaches are not unique to Cloud Computing. However,  it’s one of the main concerns for Cloud adopters. A data breach could be either targeted or consequence of human error. It is important to have a solid organizational structure in the Cloud, in order to minimize the risk of loosing data. In vBoxxCloud you can also set permission policies that will help you control who and how users access the folders.

2. Weak Identity, Credential and Access Management

According to the report, data breaches often happen due to insufficient authentication mechanisms or weak password use. Setting up a two-step authentication system would solve the issue. Consequently users will always have to use a second device to login.

3. Insecure Interfaces

Many Cloud providers use programming interfaces, allowing users to manage the Cloud effectively. The report defends that “these interfaces must be designed to protect against both accidental and malicious attempts”. Rigorous penetration testing is essential, to guarantee user security within the Cloud. vBoxxCloud recently conducted a penetration test that had positive results. 

4. System and Application Vulnerabilities

An issue that exists, since computers were invented. Frequent updates are extremely important, in order to prevent any system vulnerability. We are constantly updating our service, you can follow any updates on vBoxxCloud here.

5. Account Hijacking

There are several steps you can take to prevent hijacking. vBoxxCloud, allows you to create a hierarchical structure that effectively bars any access to higher organizations. On top of this an admin can keep track of any strange activity in the Cloud. Two Step authentication reduces the risk of account hijacking.

6. Malicious Insiders

You might find yourself in a situation where a former employee has intentionally misused the access to the Cloud. This could leave your organization vulnerable.  The solution would be remotely deleting the files as soon as the insider is identified. 

7. Data Loss

Many factors could lead to data loss. All the points above are data loss liabilities. At vBoxx we know that your documents are important. In vBoxxCloud, you can keep the deleted files for a certain amount of time.  If you delete the files accidentally or the local files get corrupted you can always recover them.

Note: To read the full report click here.

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