The advantage of cloud storage in the Netherlands.

Most popular cloud storage providers are based in the United States; however, Dutch cloud storage providers offer many benefits that still remain unknown. More and more companies are choosing to store their data in the Netherlands. What is the reason behind this shift? What are the advantages of storing your files in the Netherlands? We have listed below the most important benefits of Dutch cloud storage for you.

Better technical support

Of course, it is always great to receive a quick and clear answer whenever you need support, especially when you are dealing with important files. Most cloud providers offer live chat or FAQ pages to provide support. These are, in most cases, the only hope you have of getting an answer for a particular issue. In our opinion this is not enough, you should be able to contact a real person if you have questions. It is much better to have someone looking at the problem with you to help you find a solution quickly.

Cloud storage is safer in the Netherlands

As a company you don’t want to risk having your files
falling into the wrong hands or that the government looks into your
confidential files. One would think that big companies like Google and
Microsoft are free of these risks, unfortunately it happens.

American companies have to deal with the Patriot Act. The law gives the government of the United States the full power to ask for data from any company based in the US. A clear example of this was seen when the US Government forced Microsoft to deliver data hosted in a data center in Ireland. In the Netherlands, governments cannot force companies to share data.

The biggest internet node guarantees fast connections

The Netherlands has one of the best network infrastructures in the world. Because one of the biggest internet nodes is located in Amsterdam, Dutch cloud providers benefit directly from a fast and reliable connection. This makes the Netherlands one of the best internet providers in the world. Many data centers are located in Amsterdam precisely for its powerful infrastructure. For all these reasons, vBoxx has chosen Amsterdam to store their data, this way our clients benefit directly from the Dutch powerful network infrastructure.

Expert knowledge of cloud storage due to constant growth

According to
the government of the Netherlands the
amount of data centers in the country have grown 15% every year
. This
constant growth mirrors the strong investment in data centers and network
infrastructures in the Netherlands. This growth also helps build up knowledge,
experience and creates more experts that help innovate the infrastructure.

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