Barracuda discontinues Copy and CudaDrive

Barracuda Networks recently announced that Copy and CudaDrive Services will be discontinued on May 1st. Similar to vBoxx services Copy and CudaDrive provided accessible cloud services and sharing functionality, millions of users were impacted with these news.

The company partnered with Microsoft offering OneDrive as the solution, an attempt to make the data transfer “as seamless and easy as possible” for its affected user base. However, many customers may not wish to work with OneDrive, a service that has presented synchronization issues in business environments. You can read more about the restrictions and limitations when synchronizing SharePoint libraries trough OneDrive for Business at Microsoft’s website.

Our vBoxxCloud service is certainly a suitable alternative for those looking for a safe and robust cloud service, and we are available to support any user impacted by these news. Because our datacenters are located in the Netherlands, we guarantee the privacy of your data in a secure environment.

vBoxx benefits from a privileged position amidst all the surveillance grey areas coming to light. Since we are not an American company neither a subsidiary of one, and have no American employees we are protected from the Patriot Act, meaning that we do not share your information with the American government.  The same applies to European governments as we are protected under EU and Dutch laws.

If you are looking for an alternative cloud service that guarantees the security and privacy of your data try our vBoxxCloud Free Trial. We also offer discount packages for Educational institutions and Non-Profits.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us!

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