The Benefits of File Server Enablement

When companies join to the Cloud, they go through an adaptation period. Local files have to be transferred to the Cloud and moving data from a File Server to the Cloud can be a daunting task. With vBoxxCloud you can keep all the files in the server and enjoy all the benefits of the Cloud.

vBoxxCloud’s File Server Enablement feature allows you to continue using the company’s file server as the main storage location while allowing remote access to files. Whether you are working from a phone, laptop, home or on vacation you will always be able to access your company’s files.

Forget FTP and VPN unstable connections

Many clients still use old remote access techniques, such as VPNs. They are difficult to use and supporting them can be time consuming. When talking about file servers, employees working from the office will probably experience few connectivity issues.

However,  employees working remotely are constantly facing connection problems. File Server Enablement eliminates the need of a VPN and FTP, making the work experience much more efficient and reliable.

Remote Collaboration

Whether it’s an international partner or customer, companies have to exchange information remotely. Many companies struggle with a slow and unreliable FTP connection. Collaboration is made much easier when you seamlessly sync and access the File Server information through  vBoxxCloud.


Because FTP and VPN connections are such a hassle to work with, employees may resort to alternative methods of accessing file server documents outside the office.

Sending and opening files via email, limits users to a specific file size. Users may also resort to consumer-grade sync services, which as we have highlighted before, have many disadvantages. None of these methods is effective or secure, and they can lead to data loss.

File Server Enablement is a key feature of vBoxxCloud, offering our clients security, flexibility while preserving the file structure of their file server.

Join vBoxxCloud and learn how you can synchronize your File Server content with the Cloud.

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