How to choose the right cloud service?

Using the public cloud brings incredible advantages to businesses and consumers all over the world. However, with an increasing amount of cloud services available to the public, choosing the right service for you might be a intimidating task.

Today we offer some advice on what you should take into account when choosing a cloud service, and demystify some assumptions attached to these services.


Price per GB:

Most Cloud providers price their services based on the amount of gigabytes used. Consumers tend to generally, evaluate a service based on pricing. Pricing is important, that’s undeniable, however, it depends on what type of service you are looking for.

The first thing to look for is whether users will interact with the data or not. Services who offer a platform to synchronize the data among colleagues, tend to be more expensive but more rewarding for companies. If the goal is storing data, the price per GB may be cheaper, however these services tend to have less features. 


Whether you are looking for detailed permission policies, or an easy to use interface, each service might have a bit of everything or specialize in a particular feature. Most Cloud services offer Trial Versions that allow you to explore the platforms. Some trials are more limited than others, and some ask for your credit card details right from the beginning. Take time to test all the features the service provides, your business will benefit from it, in the long run.


When you run a business, time is short. If you have questions you will appreciate a fast response from your service provider. Personalized support is also often overlooked, and when encountering problems, you will want to have a person to contact directly.

What happens to your data?

Where is your data stored? Do third parties have access to your data? What happens to your data when you stop using the service? These are all essential questions, that should be asked to any service provider. Transparency is important, and not knowing where your confidential documents are stored might not be a good idea.

Looking for a cloud service?

vBoxxCloud gives you control over, how, when and where you share information. Set up secure shared folders and control from which device can users access them. Admins have a complete set of tools at their disposal to keep track of all activity and control who has access to the cloud.

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