Why is my cloud synchronization speed so slow?

One of the main advantages of working in the cloud is the ability to quickly share and access files from any device on the go. However, synchronization speed can be detrimental to the experience. Slow upload and download speed could make your life more difficult, especially when you desperately need to open that important excel sheet. What are the causes behind slow connections? We explain everything you need to know about speed below

Which type of internet are you using?

Public Wi-Fi hotspots have become common internet access points, whether you are in a restaurant, at school or in the train you will likely find a hotspot. The place where you upload and download files has a big impact on how fast your synchronization is. You shouldn’t have great expectations from public hotspots, as they are shared with many people, doing exactly the same you are doing.

Choosing the right internet package for your phone or at home, will also directly impact your synchronization speed. Make sure you choose a package that corresponds to your needs, if you need a faster connection maybe it’s time to invest more on your internet package. If you have a basic internet package, expect to wait longer for your files to synchronize. Since most cloud activity happens online, it’s easy to conclude that in most cases: fast internet equals, fast cloud synchronization. However, the cloud application also plays a role in how fast your files synchronize.

Are you using the right cloud solution?

File uploads and downloads are not only affected by the connection you are using, but can also be limited by the cloud application. Many cloud solutions (almost all of them), set limits for upload and download speeds and file size. Even with a fast connection, your files might take some time to download. You should choose a cloud service that gives you more freedom when downloading and uploading files.

Tip: Cloud on the smartphone 

Most cloud solutions are available on your smartphone. It’s easy to save your photos and videos in the cloud and automatically synchronize the contents of your phone. The caveat here is the mobile network speed, which can be slow with cheaper packages. Unlimited data packages are still not affordable enough, and there is also the danger of running out of data. A good trick to save data, is to set the app synchronization via Wi-Fi.

To take full advantage of cloud solutions, make sure you are using a fast connection. Avoid using mobile networks, as those tend to be slower but most importantly use a cloud solution that does not limit file transfer speed. If you have any questions about the cloud visit vBoxxCloud and talk to us on the live chat!

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