Consumerization of Cloud Services – Part I

Consumerization of Cloud Services is not a recent concept, but it is one that has significantly changed the workplace environment. With the expansion of Cloud Services, IT consumerization is becoming more prevalent and today we witness a blend of personal and business use of technology. Whether we are talking about technology devices, applications or Cloud services, this has serious implications on how effective businesses can be.

It’s undeniable that ten years ago, when the term Cloud computing was still a foreign concept, many were slow to realize the impact it would have on businesses. The skepticism was real, in particular, banks, insurance companies and government agencies were quite reluctant in adopting the Cloud. While the flexibility and versatility offered by the Cloud was attractive at a consumer level, more traditional institutions such as the ones mentioned above, argued that cloud computing wasn’t safe enough.

A shift to cloud computing

Fortunately, in 2015 a different story was being told, more and more companies were and still are today, adhering to cloud services. While many are still cautious and fairly skeptical, we can easily see that cloud computing is expanding at a rapid pace. Security is and will always remain a heated topic, when talking about cloud services. However, with improved security measures and clear communication from cloud service companies, businesses are becoming more confident.

Naturally the mass expansion of cloud services, has raised certain issues that did not exist before. The rapid expansion at a consumer level, changed the way we see and use the Cloud. As a pwc report indicates, “Consumerization of IT is an expression of a deeper shift in workplace expectations, especially among employees”. This, of course, is very true in regards to Cloud services.

Companies are dealing with a more mobile workforce, which is somewhat less inclined to separate corporate from personal. Many employees today desire to have “their own technology”, however, this creates a fragmented work environment.

Learn more about the consequences of consumerization of Cloud services in the upcoming blog post.


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