The curious case of Owncloud

Owncloud was founded by Frank Karlitschek in 2010, the vision behind the product was to give users complete control over the cloud. After a successful launch in 2012, ownCloud Inc. was created in the US, raising more than $10 million in venture capital. However, in April 2016, everything fell apart.

Karlitschek, unhappy with the company’s direction, announces his departure. Many engineers followed suit, and what was once a promising project, was now in a precarious position.

The end?

On June 2, Karlitschek announces his new project NextCloud, which made creditors interrupt their investment in the company. 12 hours later ownCloud Inc. announced that it was closing its doors. Currently, the service is still supported by the German business unit, however, without core developers and the founder, one has to wonder whether it will continue to be sustainable in the future.

For those searching for an open-source solution, we offer ownCloud. There is space for proprietary and open-source cloud solutions, and if you are not looking for a business solution, owncloud is an option. Usually, we recommend vBoxxCloud to clients looking for advanced policies and a business-focused cloud. Even more now, due to the fact that ownCloud Enterprise support is uncertain.

An uncertain future

The cloud file sharing market is a tough one with many options available out there. Creating a sustainable business model around open source software is difficult, and ownCloud is an example of this. For now, the cloud service continues to be supported by the European offices, time will tell if it remains that way.

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