Is Dropbox for business safe?

Today’s blog post is part of an ongoing series where we share some thoughts about other Cloud services and how they compare with vBoxxCloud. To read the first post of the series, click here.

Is Dropbox safe?

In the past we have highlighted the dangers of consumer grade solutions, we have also pointed the negative impact Dropbox could have in a work environment. Looking back in time, some reports described Dropbox as a Cloud service that was not safe enough. This was rather problematic taking into account that companies prize security and confidentiality.

Of course, with Dropbox for Business, we witnessed the company improving its service. Offering a more solid service, the business version aimed at correcting all the vulnerabilities that the consumer version offers. Whether these issues have been solved, it is still up for debate.

Which is the best Cloud service?

We have highlighted the dangers of Dropbox in the work environment and directly pointed out the problems with Dropbox. Still, when comparing the features of both services you can see that vBoxxCloud is a more complete service.

Important features such as File Locking, Download Limit Policies and customizable branding cannot be found in Dropbox. Additionally, some of our customers came to vBoxxCloud, due to our open approach to upload and download speeds.

What makes vBoxxCloud different?

Besides all the advantages that vBoxxCloud offers, in comparison with vBoxxCloud, our customer support offers personalized help.

We care about the service we provide, and we are growing with that in mind. We deliver personalized support, and help you right from the beginning of the trial and throughout. Whether by email, phone or the support center we try to make sure that you have vBoxxCloud set up the way you want.

Dropbox security issues still loom over the company, but just comparing the raw features offered by Dropbox for Business and vBoxxCloud, you will be able to see that our service offers much more.

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*All claims refer to Dropbox Business version 3.10..11 as of 11/05/2015

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