Go green with Cloud Computing

Many companies today realize the benefits of corporate social responsibility. They increasingly pay attention to the effects that their management and business has on people, the environment and society at large. For every company, this focus on corporate social responsibility is different. Generally, people are more conscious about the impact of business on the environment and Cloud providers should be no exception and offer eco-friendly solutions.

At the end of 2009, a new hype revolving around a green IT environment impacted businesses worldwide. Unfortunately, this initial hype of developing a green IT environment became less of a priority throughout the last years and has been given less attention than it deserves. The main reason for this ‘’overdue development’’ was that economical ways of doing business and energy- efficiency simply cost companies more money. Additionally, a green IT never really succeeded in the world of IT, which is governed by managers focused on uptimes, response times and minimum time for delivery. Eco-friendly IT hence requires a changing of mindsets and attitudes within the entire sector.

Despite all of its additional hassles for management, green IT seems to be making its way back! Although investments in green energy decreased over the last few years, mainly due to the economical recession, the future for green IT seems to be sunnier than ever. Green IT is a fantastic and socially responsible solution that can be cost saving, minimize the paper-use and make the technology more efficient, if employed correctly. Big IT players such as Google, Facebook and Apple set the right example by investing a notable amount of money in their data centers with the goal of making them more environmentally friendly. Apple even stated that their new campus in Cupertino could function almost entirely energy-neutral for an entire year; planning to install one of the biggest solar panels projects in the world on their campus.

But what exactly makes the Cloud green?

As the data from the Cloud is stored on servers, it is important that the servers of this green Cloud are stored in a sustainable and eco-friendly datacenter. Two examples of climate neutral data centers in the Netherlands are Easynet in Amsterdam and DCG Delft. Easynet and DCG both purchase their energy from green suppliers and thanks to an advanced cooling system, they only need half of the energy compared to a traditional data center. vBoxxCloud is running in both of these data centers, directly contributing to the effort of a green future for IT.

vBoxxCloud is a green Cloud

EvoSwitch is another one of our other data centers where vBoxxCloud is running. In this datacenter, also based in The Netherlands, a cooperation of several IT companies, dedicated to sustainable solutions for a greener future, started a program called ‘The Green Fan’. Together with the partners and end-users, Evoswitch offers an environment where CO2 emissions by excessive use of electricity are reduced to an eco-friendly level.

Additionally, vBoxxCloud works with sustainable servers from Dell; these servers are designed especially for maximum performance and a low energy usage. At vBoxxCloud we do not work with individual servers, but we centralize the storage, clustering hosting and hence using less energy. We only invest in high-quality products and this results in not only benefits for our own business and a minimum uptime off 99.99% for our customers, but also in a substantial contribution to a cleaner and greener IT-environment.

Choosing a green Cloud provider is easy and directly stimulates a green future for IT.
Would you like more information about this topic or are you interested in our sustainable and green Cloud solution? Feel free to contact us or start our free trial to discover it by yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you to the effort of working on a greener IT environment together!

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