The good, the bad and the ugly of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is driving innovation in many European industries. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), “70% of software revenues are based on cloud code”. Whether they are delivered as SaaS, PaaS or on premise software, the IDC predicts the Cloud will have a significant impact on revenue in the coming years. 

The Good

A report from the Information Security Community on LinkedIn indicates that Cloud investment has been showing a 20 % Annual increase. Organizations want to reduce IT costs and in the process they want to increase the agility to support their business. The Cloud offers all of this and it’s not surprising to witness such an exponential development, as it is becoming an important pillar in business strategy and project collaboration.

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The Bad

However, security remains one of the top concerns when adopting the Cloud. According to the same report, security concerns range from regulatory compliance to data loss. Unauthorized access through misuse of employee credentials and improper access controls are one of the biggest threats to organizations. Employee access to private cloud storage is one of the biggest risk factors, when talking about data leakage and theft.

The Ugly

The Cloud market is becoming crowded, and now more than ever it’s important that Cloud providers work closely with customers. While choice is a very positive factor, it might be difficult to find the right solution. Many Cloud providers do not spend enough time building a close relationship with their clients. Something that we value at vBoxx. The experiences can vary from service to service, but finding the right Cloud provider has become challenging.

The solution

At vBoxx we are aware that security is a constant concern for many organizations. As highlighted before, unauthorized access to crucial documents is one of the biggest concerns for companies. vBoxxCloud is designed to help you follow anything that goes on in the Cloud.  As the admin of an organization, you can choose from which device will an employee access the information. An Admin can also follow user activity at an organizational level and see which files have been accessed.

The benefits of the Cloud far outweigh the concerns, nonetheless we are here to help you if the road gets darker when adopting the Cloud. Start a Free Trial now and learn how vBoxxCloud can help your business.

vBoxxCloud - Secure File Sharing for Business

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