How to share large files online?

Sometimes you need to share a large media file: a CAD drawing or a graphics heavy report with co-workers. Depending on the size and number of files that you need to share, this can be a problem. Attaching large files to an email is in most cases not possible. Gmail for example, only gives a total of 50MB for emails, and don’t forget that large files will use your storage quota while they are kept in the sent folder.

ile Compression

One of the most accessible solutions for sending large files is to use file compression software. Compression software like 7-zip or WinRar will help you reduce file size. Specially if you share multiple files.

Place them in a folder, compress it and you are ready to go. Certain programs can also set password protection before accessing the content, which is a useful additional feature.

Unfortunately, file compression won’t be enough in many cases. The amount of data we transfer today has grown significantly and compression software will help save precious megabytes but might not help as much with larger files.


FTP – File Transfer Protocol

We know FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sounds old when compared with a cloud solution (we will get to that in a bit), but it is still a viable option.

FTP is largely supported by all operating systems, and while it is not as easy-to-use as the cloud it’s very useful to transfer large quantities of data.

There are many websites an add-ons that let you upload and download from your browser. Alternatively you can use a free desktop client such as cyberduck.


Sharing large files with vBoxxCloud

Using vBoxxCloud is an effective way to share large files, keep them secure and know what happens to them after sharing.

You can send any type of file to anyone from Windows, macOS, iOS or your Android device. Simply create a secured shared link for the file or folder and share it directly with with an email address.

With vBoxxCloud you can securely share your files, also with third parties. You also the option to activate Download and Upload notifications and expiry dates. With unlimited file size and  free guest users vBoxxCloud will certainly make sharing large files easier.



If you are worried about email attachments, you can easily integrate vBoxxCloud with Outlook and quickly share large attachments.

Using a cloud solution with secure file sharing, is the easiest way to share large files and still keep track of what happens to them. vBoxxCloud is designed in a way that lets you follow what happens to your files after being shared.

Start a free trial now, and share large files in a secure environment.

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