The importance of customer support

Companies considering cloud based business models are always concerned about security and privacy. Two issues that we consider extremely important. This is especially relevant taking into account that cloud services are expanding and being adopted more frequently.

A crowded market

Service providers, such as, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox Business and Google Drive are all in the business cloud service provider run. The market is becoming crowded and customers will have more difficulty in finding an appropriate cloud solution that fits their needs. Customer support is a differentiating factor, when choosing a new cloud service. Far too often in IT services customers are re-directed to Knowledge base webpages instead of receiving personal customer support.

Customer support is essential

We believe we are different from other admittedly popular services, at vBoxx we pursue a level of transparency through our quality service, as well as our privileged position when compared to our competitors. It is important to mention that most of the competitors are based in the United States and that brings some disadvantages, in regards to the privacy of your data as highlighted by last week’s article. While some of these services are expanding throughout Europe, it is still unclear how protected your information is from evasive surveillance policies.

24/7 Support

vBoxx is a trustworthy alternative, we have more than 20 years of experience in the field of data management and more importantly we control all of our own hardware, guaranteeing the highest security standards. Many of our customers praise our support and how reliable our service is, and at vBoxx we make every effort to deliver our service as efficiently as possible, without forgetting the core components of privacy and security. With that in mind we proactively approach customers in case of technical difficulties and provide 24/7 support.


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