Introducing Leitz Cloud by vBoxx at CeBIT

This week vBoxx is at CeBIT supporting our partner Leitz with their new Cloud service Leitz Cloud by vBoxx. As soon as we have arrived at the conference, it was impossible not to feel excited, CeBIT a conference that lives and breathes technology is a world of wonder. Especially for those of you who are tech enthusiasts.

Observing the surroundings on our first day it is clear that the investment in Cloud services is increasing. You can see many stands advertising some sort of Cloud service and we find ourselves amidst companies who are aiming at the German market such as our partner Leitz and others aiming at a more international customer base.

The Leitz Cloud service shares the same robust functionality you can find in vBoxxCloud. vBoxx is excited to be at CeBIT providing support and conducting demonstrations, showing how Leitz Cloud by vBoxx can benefit German companies. With this Cloud solution, businesses can easily and efficiently manage all the activity within the cloud. Whether it is a file that was deleted and needs to be recovered, or locking files to prevent any changes, vBoxxCloud provides a wide range of features.

This is the message we are trying to drive home at CeBIT, in a crowded and competitive market, we are different, we are the alternative. This applies to both vBoxxCloud that is currently present in various markets and Leitz Cloud in Germany.

The system backing Leitz Cloud is flexible and robust, words that we often used in previous blog posts when describing vBoxxCloud. It’s no coincidence then that this week we are at CeBIT introducing ‘Leitz Cloud by vBoxx’!

Stay tuned for more exciting news! 

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