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“Do you know the cloud?”

In the movie Sex Tape a number of common perceptions of the cloud are expressed by Hollywood stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. We will respond to these observations and share our knowledge on the subject with a light sense of humour.

“It went up to the cloud!”
“And you can’t get it down from the cloud?”
“Nobody understands the cloud, it’s a f*cking mystery”

We do understand the cloud. And so can you. “Cloud” equals “secured servers that can be accessed from anywhere”.
Nothing more. And just as a real cloud, they are physically out of reach for those people not authorised to access them.

“The internet is not a free floating thing, it’s on a server somewhere.”
“It’s not like it’s an actual cloud.. You knew that right?”

Yes indeed, just like that. Generally the information is on a few servers as information should always be backed up. Make sure that you choose a proper location to store your information as different privacy legislation applies in different countries and the US government has additional rights to look into your data if stored on their territory. We suggest the Netherlands for all storage needs.

“Why didn’t you just remote wipe them?”
“Can you do that?”

Yes, you can. But what does remote wiping do?

“I Remote Wiped the Mailman’s iPad. I erased his iPad from my computer.”

The remote wipe feature allows you to remove all shared information from a selected device which has been stolen or lost.
Or, given away to your close friends, relatives as well as your mailman, without realizing your sex tape might one day be on it.

And, since you ask, can you just break into a datacenter with a car and a baseball bat?

Not really. Unless you get past the biometrics access restriction, blast deflection walls, anti-ramming defense barriers, perimeter sensoring BMS system, CCTV & motion detection.

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