Online Collaboration is almost here

Online collaboration is an essential part of any cloud service. The more you can do while working in the Cloud, the faster you reach your objectives. Raising productivity is essential for any company, who would pass an opportunity to make employees more agile and productive? Many companies are taking advantage of vBoxxCloud folder structure and how it helps them keep control of cloud activity. Setting up access policies, customizing shares or closely following someone’s activity, are a few tools you can use to manage sensitive data.

Soon, vBoxxCloud will offer a new feature that will help increase productivity on the go. While, it is still under development online editing is a feature requested by many. We managed to look behind the curtain and share with you some details about the new update.

Edit PowerPoint, Word and Excel files on the go

With the new feature you will be able to edit documents quickly and from anywhere. If you have to make adjustments to an important presentation, you will soon be able to do it from the vBoxxCloud web interface. You will also be able to save your files in formats such as PDF or ODT, which adds some flexibility when working with different editing applications.

Interface still under development*

Easy to use online interface

The interface will look rather familiar, especially to companies that work with Microsoft Office. The interface gives you many styling options, allowing you to personalize your documents more effectively.

Collaborate in real time 

Edit documents in real time, and communicate more effectively while editing. You will easily see who is editing the document and directly chat with that user. We are currently testing the new feature, which is set to be released in the next major release. If you have any questions about the new update feel free to contact us.



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*online content collaboration is still under development, the user interface may change and a release date has not been determined yet.

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