The power of personal contact in IT

Have you ever found yourself spending time searching for a phone number to contact support? Finally, after finding the number, have you faced an endless onslaught of options? In many cases, you can’t even find a phone number, instead you are forced to use a complaint form and wait. Sounds familiar?

Personal contact is more important than ever for companies. Research shows that 73% of the world population considers personal contact between customer and company important. But why is it so important?

The need for personal contact

Email is often used to communicate with companies. However, customers are demanding a closer contact that not only is more effective but can also be faster. While email can cover most communications needs, it can take time and is not as detailed. If you need to deal with a more complex issue, it is more useful to have a closer contact to the person who can help you. It is always better to deal with a complex issue if you can see or hear who’s helping you.

Written words can lead to miscommunication

Sending and
receiving messages opens space for different interpretations of the message. A
client can interpret a message in a negative way because tone and emotion are
lost in a written text. Misinterpretations can happen often if your
communication is solely based on text.

Personal contact is fast and effective

Customers often get the idea that they are better understood when there is emotion in the information they are receiving. Because the contact is more personal, the customer can also have better support. Research has also shown that customers stay with a company longer as soon as this contact goes well. The personal contact (especially within IT) also ensures that customers are more proactive in contacting the company because they know they will speak directly with a person.


That’s how we think about personal contact at vBoxx. Especially when helping with any cloud storage questions, it is important to be available to answer any questions quickly.

At vBoxx, like you, we believe in a good contact with customers. Each vBoxx customer is assigned to a contact person with whom you can communicate to receive a quick answer to your question. To answer any questions, we directly help our customers during a telephone conversation to help them as quickly as possible.

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