SaaS and the importance of Customer Support

A recent Cloud Tech article states that “behind every great tech innovation is the need for effective tech implementation”. At vBoxx we agree with this statement. It is important for Cloud providers to help customers integrate as best as possible our Cloud services.

Clients don’t have much time to spend with the Cloud

The article defends that this task is particularly challenging for the Software as a Service industry (SaaS). Because it relies on a monthly or annual subscription model, the time for a customer to fully enjoy all the advantages of the Cloud is very short.

In most cases customers have the opportunity to sign up for a trial and experiment with the service. However, this is not enough, as clients can be easily intimidated by all the business grade features. As Cloud service provides it’s our job to follow our clients closely, as to minimize any difficulties that naturally when integrating the service in the workflow.

Consumer-Grade Solutions vs. Business-Grade Solutions

At vBoxx we try to make a clear distinction between business and consumer-grade Cloud solutions. It’s a distinction that should be made very clearly. We are all used to Cloud services, as they have expanded massively. However, many features are simply not part of what consumer-grade Cloud solutions offer. Businesses want to save money, when adopting the Cloud but the consequences can be costly since security mechanisms are lacking.

Strong support is essential

For us it’s equally important to follow our customers as close as possible. Whether you start a new trial or open a new account, it essential for us to make you comfortable with vBoxxCloud and its features. Our clients appreciate this effort because they will be able to take advantage of all the features more effectively.

Our list of clients touches various continents in the world. If you are looking a Cloud Service that gives you the power to control the Cloud, look no further vBoxxCloud is here. Start a Free Trial now experience online collaboration.

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