Six Security Features of vBoxxCloud to Fix Dropbox Issues

People use Dropbox because it is easy-to-use and of course because it is useful. Companies have a hard time avoiding Dropbox use in the workplace because they struggle to propose an alternative that offers the same functionalities, while solving security issues known to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and similar consumer applications.

How to fix Dropbox Issues?

Security risks that are inherent to these services have been treated here. They include but are not limited to: data theft, data loss, loss of file versions, corrupted data, compliance violations, accountability issues, sharing of sensitive information and possible government access.

vBoxxCloud solves these issues through product design, infrastructural choices and location; aspects on which free applications generally economize. Six product features make this possible.


Retention of file versions and deleted files

Avoids: Data Loss, Corrupted Data, Loss of File Versions

All modifications to files are saved as individual versions and can be restored with a click of the button. Deleted files are always maintained on the server. Administrators can limit the time period during which these files are kept, but no restrictions are placed on their retention by vBoxx. Through efficient syncing of delta files, only the small portions of files that are actually changed are stored. Administrators can decide whether they allow users to permanently remove old file versions or deleted files.

Physical backups of all data

Avoids: Data Loss, Corrupted Data

Continuous and periodic backups of all information kept in vBoxxCloud are in place and monitored by our technical engineers. Data is stored on fully redundant hardware. While all serious providers will have some form of redundancy built in to their infrastructure, full backups are expensive as they effectively double the required storage. And that’s only for one single instant. The combination of redundant infrastructure, full backups and full control over all file versions will allow you to get back your data in case any form of data loss or corruption occurs.

Activity logs, reports, and alerts

Avoids: Loss of Accountability

Activity logs are kept on all levels: users, shared folders, machines and organizations. If any of these entities change, a log entry will be added. If you wish to be kept up-to-date with certain events, there are two added possibilities for notifications: a) alerts can be created when accounts are added, passwords are changed, quota are reached, or much more, and b) pdf reports can be e-mailed on a periodic basis and will provide you with key information on usage, storage and system health.

Granular access controls

Avoids: Sharing Critical Information, Compliance Violations

In vBoxxCloud you start by defining folders you want to share, then add the users you want to share with. For all shares you decide whether people within or outside of your organization are able to access these files, and you can decide whether files are made available through the web interface, mobile applications, synchronized desktops or any future machines. The files and folders shared with others by employees can be consulted and limits can be placed on their availability. Permissions can be extended, restricted, or removed again.

List of devices and remote wipe

Avoids: Data Theft

A list of machines will show you the exact devices that have access to information within vBoxxCloud – desktops, tablets and smartphones. Per device you can inspect the exact folders one has access to and access levels can be modified at any time. If the machine with physical copies of the data has been lost or access should be revoked for another reason, one can remove all files on distance using the remote wipe feature.

Private storage in the Netherlands

Avoids: Government Access

Possibilities for government access are in many countries stipulated by law. Awareness is growing of the backdoors that are implemented and American companies, even when they apply non-US based storage, are under obligation to surrender information when requested by the US government through the Patriot Act. This has lead to the designation of privacy-friendly countries, such as the Netherlands. vBoxx is a Dutch privately-owned company that only stores information on its own hardware in certified data centers in the Netherlands. We do not participate in any efforts to analyze or share stored information.

In addition to the above, vBoxxCloud includes features that add to the productivity of businesses, such as the integration of authentication, mail and file servers, and features that increase profitability such as branding, secure external sharing and continuous backups.

Features of a paid Cloud solution

Corporate solutions should not be free – because who would trust another organization to handle their sensitive information if they do it for free? What guarantees can anyone give if there is no commercial justification – or worse, if they have to find their monetary incentive for keeping your information elsewhere? That’s why we believe in strict terms and conditions, total privacy and honest compensation.

You can find our terms and conditions, prices, and features compared to both Dropbox Personal and Business here. Do you have any remaining questions for us? Just give us a call or send us a message – we will answer to any requests you might have. Are you curious for the possibilities for your business? Download a free trial or get started with a personal online demonstration. Anything’s possible – just ask!

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