Still using Dropbox?

Dropbox had an important role in making the cloud, something intangible, understood and recognized in many homes throughout the world. With its referral strategy, it effectively raised the Cloud as a viable option to store our files and use them anywhere we go. It helped change how the cloud was perceived, and it quickly expanded due to the affordable pricing model.

Consequently this rapid expansion also raised many issues surrounding cloud. Privacy and security became heated discussion points and the difference between consumer grade solutions and business grade solutions became blurrier.

Consumer vs. Business Solution

Dropbox’s expansion and enticing referral programs changed the way customers valued the Cloud. It became a service that was obtained cheaply or mostly for free. Pricing is always a very appealing argument when purchasing a service. However the value the service offers is even more relevant.

This is why there was a need to differentiate between consumer grade solutions and business grade solutions. Whereas consumer grade solutions are an easy solution, quick to use but less reliable offering little value, business grade solutions such as vBoxxCloud offer you tools to manage your cloud effectively. Naturally Dropbox as many other Cloud Services offers a Business package. However, it is still overshadowed  by privacy and security issues which have plagued the consumer side of their service. Recent news that hackers had stolen over 60 million account details from Dropbox, further emphasizes how important security is becoming in the Cloud market.

Comparing Dropbox with vBoxxCloud

Security and Privacy are front and center of what vBoxxCloud offers. End-to-end encrypted connection as well 2-factor authentication are some of the features our customers benefit from. Our open approach to file size transfers is also appealing, as most services, including Dropbox limit file size transfer.

You can customize your organization, from the logo, to the Cloud icon you see on the Desktop. For those that deal with sensitive documents, you can even add a disclaimer to the app while using vBoxxCloud.

vBoxxCloud is the alternative to Dropbox, if you are looking for a reliable Cloud service that offers specialized support, sign up for a Free Trial.

vBoxxcloud still using dropbox

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