5 ways technology has changed the way we travel

People have traveled around the world for years to discover and visit the most beautiful places. Technology has made traveling a lot easier, but many of us do not realize how quickly it changed over the years. How has technology changed the way we travel?

1. Choosing your destination

Before internet, you relied on a travel agency to take care of your travel package. You picked up piles of travel brochures and then went through them at home.

When you found something you liked, you had to go back to the travel agency to start the reservation process of your holiday. In many cases it resulted in disappointment. Brochures often had misleading photos, little information and no reviews.

Nowadays you can search, view and book all kinds of trips online. You will see the amazing holiday photos of your friends on Facebook, and in a matter of minutes you book a trip to the same destination. You can find online, dozens of photos of your accommodation, walk through the resort through a virtual tour, read extensive descriptions and reviews of travelers who have been there before you.


2. Weather forecasts

Probably the worst nightmare for anyone going on a sunny holiday: bad weather. In the past it was easy to book a holiday during the wrong season. You could end up being in Thailand, in the middle of the rainy season, or the hurricane season in the Dominican Republic. The information about climates owned by travel agents was very scarce.

Now you can access climate info for the whole year with a push and a swipe on your screen. You can find the best time for you to go on holiday, and view the weather forecast in a much shorter period of time. Useful when you are already on your destination. This way you know exactly whether the next day will be perfect weather for an activity, or whether you want to have a lazy day on the beach.


3. Navigation

The man behind the wheel, the woman with the road map on her lap and 3 impatient children in the backseat on their way to the south of France in a car without air conditioning. Unclear traffic signs, road works, difficult road maps and heavy traffic. You can’t start your holiday more stressful, right?

Today almost everyone has a navigation system, built into the car, a GPS or a navigation app on the phone. The navigation indicates where you have to go left or right, where the traffic jams are and if you have to be aware of speed cameras.

Did you miss a turn? No problem, the navigation calculates a new route to your final destination without having to figure it out yourself with a road map.


4. Contacting home

Twenty years ago, hardly anyone had a computer. A mobile phone was something that only business people owned. If you wanted to call home from your holiday destination, this happened often from a public telephone with a bad connection.

If no one was home, you had to leave a message on the answering machine or try again at another time. Sending postcards was, and still is, an option. Although there is always the chance your postcard hasn’t arrived when you are already back home.

Nowadays you can call almost anywhere, anytime with your smartphone. You can call from the beach in Greece, your sister who is backpacking in Australia. You can send photos and videos directly to family and friends. Social media helps you keep in touch with all the nice people you met during your trip to stay informed of each other’s lives.


5. Pictures

In the past you packed a lot of film rolls or disposable cameras for your holiday. You could not shoot more photos than the number of rolls you had with you. Developing the photos, was always a gamble, did all photos succeed?

Now almost everything is digital. Digital cameras, mobile phones, you can take hundreds of photos per trip and you can immediately see if they worked out as you wanted.

Many people store their photos in the cloud, you can do this on the spot and thus prevent the memory of your camera or phone from becoming full. In addition, storing your photos in the cloud, helps you recover them if your camera or phone gets stolen, or you lose it.

It would be a shame to lose those photos, and not show anyone what a great holiday you have had!

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