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vBoxx feels responsible to contribute to a sustainable environment. Future generations should not be subject to environmental degradation. More and more companies are welcoming cloud storage with open arms. Administrative paperwork can be easily replaced with online storage. This reduces deforestation, and thus global warming. However, data centers can still have large ecological footprints. Therefore, vBoxxCloud is part of the Green Fan program by Evoswitch. Efficiency should go hand in hand with sustainability.

Environmental Challenges for a Sustainable Cloud Environment

Data centers run 24/7, to give you access to your documents at any moment. This has a negative impact on the environment. Data centers have to be continuously maintained. They generate heat, which has to be removed by cooling systems. That’s why many companies have started to move their data centers to cold climate areas.

You might think this is an easy solution. Having data centers running in icy areas would replace the ecological footprint of the cooling systems. However, more and more governments demand that cloud providers should locate their data centers domestically. Thus, this would ensure the security of the customers. That’s why cloud providers have to look for a different solution.

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Sustainable cloud measures taken by vBoxx

That’s why we have moved our data centers to Amsterdam. This allows us to be fully compliant with the GDPR and 100% carbon neutral.

The Evoswitch datacenters have a very low PUE score. PUE refers to the energy efficiency of a data center. In general, the scale ranges between 3.0 (very inefficient) to 1.0 (very efficient). Evoswitch has a PUE of 1.1. This is far below average because our data centers are fully dependent on renewable energies. Such as wind power, hydropower, and biomass power.

We have integrated a wide range of innovative technologies. For example, we make use of advanced data floor management, which eliminates hotspots within the data center. Besides, we have free cooling systems installed, which uses fresh air from outside to control the temperature. Supporting this is the building system management, which monitors sudden temperature changes.

But it doesn’t end here: we also follow a zero paper policy, reducing our paper usage to one pack per year. The office heating is automatically switched off in the after-hours. Using vBoxxcloud provides you the unique opportunity to work efficiently within our cloud while doing your share to save our world! And last but not least. You will save a lot of costs.

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