Trust and Security in the Cloud

It is undeniable that cloud computing has a tremendous impact in delivering greater business flexibility and at times lowering IT costs. While we see more companies joining the Cloud, Cloud computing and Cloud data security is still often questioned and under scrutiny.

The advantages of the Cloud are visible, it provides data flexibility and creates new opportunities in the way businesses offer services and share information. The digital conversion of company processes is palpable, making businesses much more agile, but even with all these advantages, companies are still cautious when approaching Cloud solutions.

A PwC report from 2011 clearly reflects concerns that still exist today. Security is as usual front and center, but availability, data privacy, and integrity are also factors that companies worry about when considering the adoption of a Cloud service.

In the competitive world of today, companies need to trust their cloud providers with their data security. Whether it is protecting their shareholder investments or making sure that company data remains at all times confidential, there is a certain amount of trust that needs to be put on the cloud provider.

At vBoxx we know that businesses are often skeptical about cloud computing, and we make sure security mechanisms are in place, in order to provide a reliable service. Data Integrity is very important specially when we are talking about Cloud services. We adhere to the highest standards of security using in-depth network security mechanisms that abide by internationally accepted data encryption standards.

Our Cloud is located in well protected data centers and only authorized people have access to our facilities, which also include biometric scans, authorization codes, and video surveillance. While it easily sounds like a scene pulled out of a film you have just watched, these security measures are necessary to make sure there are no data breaches.

vBoxxCloud data centers are secure and compliant, they are guaranteed by the ISO27001 and ISO 20000-1 certification, among others. We also guarantee an uptime of 99,9%, and offer the option of 256-bit AES or 448-bit Blowfish private key encryption. SSL encryption is used for all communication with our servers, and our own vBoxxCloud service offer various safety measures such as periodic password updates, remote wipe and more.

Trust and Security are two influential words in the world of Cloud, words that we take seriously in order to provide a service, that not only improves the way you conduct business, but also gives you peace of mind.

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