Understanding Cloud Computing – Hybrid Cloud

During the last couple of weeks, we have talked about Public and Private Cloud. Today, we share some thoughts on a model that is becoming more popular. Hybrid Cloud, is a cloud service that uses both private and public clouds, to perform different tasks, in the same organization.

The best of both worlds

Different cloud services, offer different advantages. However, public cloud services are cheaper and more scalable that private clouds. Hybrid Cloud taps into the virtues of both private and public clouds, could make an organization more efficient.

An example of this, would be using public cloud services for non-sensitive tasks, while relying on private cloud where required. The public and private infrastructures, operate independently of each other, and communicate through an encrypted connection.

The access to a private infrastructure, is a major benefit for companies. Important operations are not conducted through internet and access time and latency are reduced in the process.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Scalability: public clouds, are more scalable due to the existing fewer boundaries, specially because resources are being pulled from a larger infrastructure. Moving non-sensitive operations to the public cloud, allows the organization to benefit from the public cloud scalability and better focus private cloud resources.

Security: the private cloud element in the hybrid model, provides increased security for sensitive tasks. It also satisfies regulatory requirements in regards to data handling when applicable.

Flexibility: Organizations, have access to secure resources and scalable cost effective public resources, providing more opportunities to explore different operations.

The biggest disadvantage of hybrid cloud, is its cost. In order to benefit from the scalability of Public Cloud and the security provided by private cloud there needs to be a strong financial commitment from companies. Hybrid cloud is not the most accessible model, but those who can afford it, can indeed benefit from the best of both worlds.

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