Secure File Sharing for Business

In a fast paced working environment, file sync technology has become essential. Companies look for a platform where employees can access and share files on the go. The development of file sync technology allowed companies to be more flexible, sharing files from anywhere in the world at any time.

Sadly, consumer-grade services, such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive make the protection of corporate data, an ambiguous affair. This can lead to heavy financial losses if important corporate data is mishandled. Consumer-grade solutions do not belong in the workplace and can have dire consequences. Fortunately organizations are embracing Cloud business solutions.

Business Monitoring

vBoxxCloud was created for the business market, while offering a file-sync platform that is both easy to use and secure. Our file sync solution allows users to collaborate easily with others, while offering various options to share with internal and external parties.

Administrators have full control over their data. With a complete admin dashboard, you can control all activity within the Cloud. Decide who, and how users access each folder. Schedule reports and activity alerts to prevent unwanted behavior. Plan an organizational structure to give or restrict access to root folders. 

Free Trial Sign Up

Additional features such as file locking, unlimited file retention, remote wipes, among many others, make vBoxxCloud an ideal business Cloud solution. We provide full support during and after a trial, sign up for a 14 Days Trial and request a demonstration. Discover how vBoxxCloud can help your business.

Free Online Storage

We are offering 6 Months of vBoxxCloud, access our giveaway page to enter the contest! If you follow us on social media or sign up for a trial, you will significantly increase your odds! You can win one of three prizes which include up to 250 GB of storage and a fully featured vBoxxCloud service for 6 months. 

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