vBoxxCloud and Selective Sync

Cloud Services came with many advantages, one of the most influential was saving space on your hard drive, making sure the information is always available as long, as you had an internet connection. We could easily say that running out of space on your computer used to be a problem. Getting a new PC, buying external hard disk or upgrading your drive, are hassles that belong to the past.

Selective sync, which, can now be found in vBoxxCloud, offers more flexibility to those looking to spare a few Gigabytes. As the name indicates Selective Sync lets you choose which folders you want to download from the cloud to your computer.

If you are short on hard-drive space, you can easily select or deselect the folders you want to synchronize. While this might be inconsequential to those who synchronize just a few PDF’s or PowerPoint Presentations, it has a significant impact when talking about Gigabytes and Terabytes of content.

If you are short on time, need to access the contents of a specific folder and don’t want to access it through the web interface. Selective Sync could be useful as it can be easily configured when installing the Sync Tool and also through the properties section in the Sync Tool. Instantly adding or removing folders from the synchronization list.

This feature in a business context can prove extremely useful. Taking into account that companies are more mobile than ever. Employees can now be selective in regards to what type of information should be synchronized with their PC’s, and download only the necessary folders to work from home.

Visit our new and improved vBoxxCloud website to learn more about our Cloud service. In the meantime you can start a Free Trial and enjoy a Cloud service tailor made for a business environment.

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