vBoxxCloud a world of possibilities!

vBoxxCloud is a robust cloud service, that allows businesses to share documents everywhere. The powerful admin panel together with the intuitive user interface offer the best of both worlds. Admins will appreciate the policy customization options, and users will benefit from no bandwidth limitations, sharing with vBoxxCloud is easy and very fast!


Part of what makes vBoxxCloud unique and appreciated by our customers are some of its unique features. A good example of these features, is File-Locking. A crucial tool when dealing with sensitive documents that have to be read-only for a group of employees

File-Locking can be particularly useful in other situations, for example, when a document is edited by more than one employee. When Automatic File-Locking is active, Word and Excel documents show a prompt asking the user if he wants to lock the file. Other users won’t be able to change the document while it’s being edited, this avoids file collisions and safeguards the information in the documents.

Revision Rollback

If your company has various departments that collaborate often, and share many documents. It might become difficult to manage. When editing the same document, some unwanted changes might happen.

Fortunately, vBoxxCloud features revision rollback. vBoxxCloud registers any changes made to a particular document, and you can at any time revert these changes.

File Backup and Recovery

vBoxxCloud automatically keeps the files you have deleted, you can always select for how long you want to keep deleted files stored. On top of that you can also select important folders from your computer and automatically synchronize them with the cloud.

A world of possibilities

vBoxxCloud allows companies and organizations to share files securely. You have the freedom to customize it and it is very accessible for users.

Start a Free Trial now, and discover a world of possibilities!




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