Working remotely in vBoxxCloud

Working anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Do these words sound familiar? The Cloud revolutionized the way we worked. Consequently, all of us rely now on the Cloud to store important documents.

Cloud everywhere

Consumer-grade solutions certainly helped standardize Cloud services. Companies are now adopting the Cloud to save costs. Accessing your files from anywhere in the world is a compelling argument, as it removes any geographical boundaries from the past.

FTP and VPN connections to access your company files is an effort that belongs to the past. vBoxxCloud offers File Server and Active Directory integration. You can easily import users and synchronize server files with vBoxxCloud.

The way we work has changed

Businesses often look for a very specific setup for their Cloud. They search for a solution that gives them the mobility they search for and the security they need. As a business focused solution, vBoxxCloud offers granular permissions and policies that help keep tabs on what goes on in the Cloud.

Mobile workers or as we call them, Digital Nomads are a concept that is very much ingrained in today’s reality. You would like to read more about Digital Nomads click here to learn more about this growing phenomenon. Equally, for both nomads and those sitting at their desk, a secure Cloud service is essential.

The dangers of working remotely

Cloud Computing has such an essential role on our daily tasks that it is very important to use a reliable service. If someone steals your laptop you can use the vBoxxCloud ‘Unlink’ function. Simply login and remote delete all the files from the Sync Tool. If the rhythm in the office is frantic, and you have deleted a file don’t worry. You can restore deleted or changed files in vBoxxCloud and avoid a crisis.

vBoxxCloud gives you the opportunity to collaborate online in a safe environment. A robust set of policies grants you the opportunity to control many aspects of your online space.

Start a Free Trial now and discover all the features vBoxxCloud can offer.

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