5 business solutions to work from home

The Covid-19 virus is rapidly spreading in Europe and the World Health Organization recommends working from home as much as possible. vBoxx is available to help you get through this crisis as well as possible. We have identified five handy solutions that will make working from home safer and easier.

Use the cloud to access company files

Now that you have to work from home
you need to access all your company files and possibly share them with
colleagues and partners. A secure and reliable cloud will help you continue
working on any company project.

Our GDPR ready solution vBoxxCloud gives you access to your documents from anywhere in the world. You can also edit the same documents with your colleagues and securely share them with your clients.

vBoxxCloud is available for all devices and it is easy to set up and use. Now available at 50% discount including migration support during these difficult times.

Communicate internally via chat

When you are working from home it is important to have all the means you need to communicate. Rocket.Chat is a complete chat solution that can solve all your communication challenges. Communicate and collaborate better with your team, share files or organize video and audio conferences and make sure everyone is on the same page. Rocket.Chat is hosted on our own servers and in most cases, it can be set up on the same day.

…or video conference

Perhaps you prefer to communicate face to face or want to look at your colleagues while you are discussing important steps. Then you will need a reliable video conference app to organize group calls. The largest video/ audio conference app at the moment: Zoom helps you communicate effectively with your colleagues with online meetings, chats, and webinars.

Secure Email in the cloud

If you prefer a more traditional communication method, then our Kerio Connect email solution will keep all your emails stored securely and encrypted in the cloud. Connecting your Outlook, Apple Mail clients to Kerio is quick and easy and you can access your email on Windows, Linux, Apple, Android or iOS devices. 

Kerio Connect is hosted on our own servers and ideal to synchronize contacts, tasks, calendars and internal chat to all your devices and colleagues.

Find the perfect online workplace in the cloud

Do you want to fully work from home in a secure cloud environment where you only need a screen and internet connection? Then move your workplace completely to the cloud. All employees then use a server (computer in a secure data center) to which they can log in and work there, for example in Office.

Immediately Available

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our lives and is changing how we work. We want to help you be as productive as possible from home. vBoxx gives you an online workplace that is 100% Dutch and secure. Our solutions have a short delivery time to help you set up as quickly as possible.

Curious whether one of the above solutions can help you or do you need advice? We are ready to answer any of your questions!

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