Save time and stay productive

Save time with online team folders

Team Shares help you work in real time with your team, any file change is automatically synced to your computer and mobile devices.

Remote access to the right files

Access your files anywhere you go. Install the sync tool on your laptop, smartphone and tablet to access your files. Use the online editor to edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Secure and controlled

Your files are encrypted (256-bit AES encryption) and hosted in secure datacenters in the Netherlands. vBoxxCloud also helps you monitor all cloud activity.

secure file sharing settings in vBoxxCloud

Work remotely with vBoxxCloud

Access your files on the go. Whether you are working from home or from your favorite coffee place with vBoxxCloud you will always have access to your files on any device.

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Share files online with vBoxxCloud

Always know what happens in your work environment

Password Protected Shares

Securely share content with anyone, if the receiver is not registered in vBoxxCloud, a free guest user account is automatically created to access content.

Upload and Download Notifications

Set up upload and download notifications. Restrict the availability of your content by setting an expiration date or the maximum number of downloads.

Keep Track of Cloud Activity

You can easily access folder activity and set up notifications to help you keep track of your projects and file changes.

Save time and money

"I've been working with vBoxx to share files with my clients; I thought it would be quite difficult, but the people at vBoxx are very patient and helpful.”

Monica Polman

Work from home with vBoxxCloud

Sharing files with others in vBoxxCloud is easy and secure

All your files on all your devices

Upload your files to the cloud and access them from your computer at your desk, or an ipad from your couch.

Secure & Private Cloud Storage

vBoxxCloud gives you encrypted cloud storage and security policies that give you full control of your files.

GDPR Ready Cloud

If you work in Europe you need to be GDPR compliant. Our cloud solution is GDPR certified by an external organization.

Stay in touch with partners and clients

Chat with colleagues or clients while editing documents, and connect vBoxxCloud to your email client to share large files.

Always know what happens in the cloud

Follow the activity log to know what happens to your files and follow any user activity if you are managing a team.

Full technical support

We offer personalized support to all vBoxxCloud users from the moment you start a trial, you will always have someone to talk to.

What our customers say about vBoxxCloud

"Incredibly flexible and supportive cloud provider and cloud solution. It is ideal for companies (of any size really) and is user friendly."

"A safe and personal solution for my business and private data. Happy with the service and the easy transfer. Very user-friendly."

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Embrace the benefits of remote working

Reduce costs and stress

Working remotely helps reduce stress. A better work-life balance and not having to face the daily grind of commuting will help reduce stress and be better for the environment.

Happier employees are more productive employees

Whether you are a freelancer or working for a company with the help of the cloud you will have more control over your schedule and manage more efficiently all your tasks.

secure file sharing settings in vBoxxCloud

Their employees also work from home

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vBoxxCloud Features

  256-Bit Encryption

  Unlimited file sharing

  Two Factor Authentication

  Customizable branding

  GDPR ready

  Outlook integration

  Online document editing

  Unlimited file versioning

  Link expiration date

  Cloud activity log

  English, German and French

  Cloud security policies

  Advanced administrative options

  Device management options

  Remote wipe

  Reports & Alerts

  File & Folder locking

  Active Directory integration

  Unlimited bandwidth

  File recovery