5 reasons why Dropbox is not right for your business

Dropbox is without a doubt, one of the most popular cloud solutions in the market and presents itself as an attractive cloud storage solution for general consumers. Unfortunately, it is not designed nor secure enough for business use.

Dropbox hides severe privacy gaps and lacks several features that are essential for many companies. We give you five reasons why you should not upload your company files to Dropbox:

1. Dropbox is not hosted in Europe:

Dropbox only offers European storage to higher tiers of their business package, which leaves European customers open to American surveillance policies. If you are worried about privacy and want to keep your data in Europe you should opt for a solution that is GDPR Ready.

2. No personalized support:

Dropbox business accounts only give you access to live chat support. Nothing else. If you are running a business you will need all the help you can get. Knowledgebases and live chat won’t be enough if you need help with more complex situations.

vBoxxCloud assigns a dedicated account manager that is ready to help you from the moment you start a trial. Our support team is ready to answer any questions by phone, email and live chat. Naturally, if you only need basic support you also have in-depth knowledgebase articles available online.

3. No multi-tenancy and management features

Because Dropbox is designed for consumers first, it does not
offer any multi-tenant options and lacks advanced management features.
vBoxxCloud helps you manage multiple users and gives you all the necessary
tools to organize and manage the cloud the way you want it.

Organizations, sub-organizations, users, devices, policies, and advanced configurations are all available if you need tighter control over what happens in the cloud.

4. Limited file recovery options:  

Dropbox offers the option to restore older versions of your files in case of ransomware infection, however, you can only restore individual files. In vBoxxCloud you have the option to restore entire folders to their previous state.

Ransomware is a serious threat to any company that conducts business online. We have witnessed cases where the ransomware infection is so severe, that it changes file names and directories, making it difficult to recover your files even if they were in the cloud.

We have developed a feature that helps you recover entire team folders or user files from a specific point in time. Read more on how to prevent ransomware.

5. Limited backups

Dropbox keeps older versions of your files within the past 30 days for free accounts and 120 days for business accounts.

With vBoxxCloud you can keep older versions for as long as you need. As long as you have free storage you can keep your files backed up.

About vBoxxCloud

vBoxxCloud is a file sync & share solution designed for companies that want to sync, store and share their files in a secure environment. It helps users access files anywhere on any device.

Our cloud solution also helps organizations manage sensitive data and increase productivity at the same time. For more information, visit the vBoxxCloud homepage or call us at +31 70 20 60 091.

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