5 things you didn’t know you can do with vBoxxCloud

Over the years we’ve integrated many tools into vBoxxCloud that help you be more productive. Did you know you can create an unlimited number of external users and share content securely?

Does your team take advantage of the live chat feature while working on documents online?

Here are some quick tips about using vBoxxCloud:


Guest Users:

Sharing cloud content can be tricky at times. With most consumer solutions, any public link you create will be available to anyone who has the link. Naturally, this raises many security concerns. You don’t know who has access to your files, and you don’t know what are they doing with the shared folder.

In vBoxxCloud guest users are free and unlimited, and they prevent this security problem. You can share any folder or a file with an external user, however that user will have to login to vBoxxCloud. This means that you can limit the number of downloads, or if the guest user can upload or delete files.

On top of all of this, guest users can collaborate on documents in vBoxxCloud!


Online Document Editor:

With the latest vBoxxCloud feature, you can edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents together with colleagues. Online collaboration also brings features that improve communication:

  • Live chat: chat with colleagues in real-time while you edit documents.
  • Comment: write comments on the document for later review.
  • Presentation mode: present content directly from the vBoxxCloud online editor, without using a third-party app.


Snapshot Backup:  

Reports of new Ransomware threats and attacks have been significantly increasing since 2016. The recent news of the WannaCry threat, reminds us that securing our data is more important than ever.

Storing files in the cloud, will help keep your files safe, but some ransomware threats are more aggressive than others. vBoxxCloud keeps your files in the cloud after they are deleted, and it also retains previous file versions. At times ransomware can change your file names which may impact folder structure, even when stored in the cloud. To prevent this, you can create an exact copy of your personal and shared folders. Backing up the file history and versions, for later recovery if needed.  Learn more about snapshot.


User & File Activity:

You can track in detail what happens in vBoxxCloud. Whether a user deleted a folder, or an employee shared a folder with an external party, you will be able to identify easily when it happened. Set up alerts based on activity, and receive regular notifications from vBoxxCloud.


Delete files remotely: 

Company laptops or devices often have sensitive information. If any of these devices are stolen, company documents could be made available to the public. It’s important to delete these data as soon as possible. vBoxxCloud gives you the option to delete files remotely as soon as the laptop goes online.

Using the unlink device feature, you can disconnect devices from vBoxxCloud while erasing all the root folders locally. This will of course come in handy once you want to make sure your documents remain safe and confidential.

If you haven’t mastered all the features in vBoxxCloud, schedule a free online demonstration and will help you explore all the features.

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