Prevent data corruption with vBoxxCloud Snapshot

We often use the word snapshot when talking about photography, particularly when you capture that special moment. vBoxxCloud Snapshot is here, and similar to photography it captures the moment your Teamshares are safe and sound, so that you can come back to them if your files become corrupted.

What is vBoxxCloud Snapshot?

Those looking for extra security against Ransomware, will be able to quickly create a backup of their personal folders and team shares. vBoxxCloud’s new feature allows administrators to copy Team Shares or a user’s data as it existed. This includes content that was previously deleted, edited or recreated. The revision history is also recovered in the process. Snapshot creates a TeamShare not attached to any user with a copy of the content

Ransomware? What’s That?

Ransomware is a type of malware that makes infected content inaccessible, demanding money to remove the restriction. Those of you who follow us for some time might have read a bit or two about ransomware. The file revision and recovery features were already a solid opponent to ransomware, but snapshot is an extra step you can take, to prevent this sort of attack.

More advanced ransomware attacks, could delete, recreate, and change file names, affecting the revision history. It sounds scary, and it is scary, so the more tools you have to fight against it the better. vBoxxCloud Snapshot helps you recover from more advanced attacks, effectively restoring data as it existed before infection.

vBoxxCloud Features and Ransomware

vBoxxCloud has now four features that will help protect and restore data:

  • Restore Revisions feature: restores a file to a previous revision.
  • Revision Rollback feature: helps recover from ransomware.
  • Restore Deleted feature: restores a file that has been previously marked as deleted.
  • Snapshot: creates a copy of a Teamshare or personal files and saves it as a Teamshare with no users.

When can I use Snapshot?

You can use it right now. Whether you have set up a new account or want to save the current state of your organization, Snapshot will certainly make you feel more protected. If you are new to vBoxxCloud, you can try the new features here.

Note: If you would like to read the release notes of vBoxxCloud v2.5.2 click here.


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