7 misleading beliefs about cloud computing

Do you want to use the cloud but are skeptical about online solutions? Cloud computing is currently part of the business life and media. However, many misleading beliefs about the cloud still exist and you can find them all over the internet.

Today, we help you demystify these rumors. Read further to learn that cloud computing is secure, cheaper than other storage solutions, and how choosing the right cloud provider is essential for your data.

With the right cloud provider, your data is in a  state-of-the-art datacenter, in a safe location. Strict security measures are in place, to make sure your data stays safe. Encrypted cloud storage adds another security layer, when transferring and saving your files.

1. It’s unclear where my data is

Not by definition. Cloud storage is often directly associated with Dropbox, which lacks transparency regarding the location of your files. Only some providers specify in detail where the data is located. The earlier you have access to this information, the better you will feel about the reliability of your cloud provider.

2. The cloud is expensive

Companies often choose the cloud to cut costs, but the most compelling advantage of moving the files to the cloud is the flexibility it provides. You will also benefit from the economies of scale, that were only provided to larger organizations in the past.

3. Without an internet connection, it does not work

Incorrect! You can save and work on your files, when offline. When working offline, your data won’t be synced to the cloud, and only you have access to it. However, once you have an internet connection, the customized files are automatically synced, and visible to your colleagues and other users.

4. Working in the Cloud means instant success

The cloud is not a miracle. The main reason behind cloud solutions failing to be effective, is lack of information or the lack of an implementation strategy. Your cloud provider should provide guidelines and advice, in order to make the migration process as smooth as possible. It is up to the organizations to translate these guidelines into concrete business processes.

5. We need a single cloud strategy and provider

The cloud is not a one-sided storage, it includes various services and features, such as email, data storage and cloud solutions. The services can all be accommodated with different providers, but it is simpler and more convenient to combine as many services as possible with one provider, such as vBoxx.

6. Only large multinationals need the cloud

The current pay-per-use models are very accessible to SMEs looking for a cloud solution. The pricing threshold is more flexible, and smaller companies have now an easier access to cloud services.

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