Protect your files anywhere

Enforce periodic password updates, two-step authentication, and delete files remotely to keep your cloud secure.

Periodic Password Updates

Enforce periodic password updates by scheduling user reminders to change their password.

Two-Step Authentication

Activate two-step authentication and request additional login verification, by email or mobile device.

Delete files remotely

In case the device is lost or stolen, you can delete personal files or shares from any device remotely.

Access Policies

Set download expiration dates, control who as access to folders and from which device.

vboxxcloud app for iphone security

Encrypted cloud storage for your business

vBoxxCloud keeps your files secure and private in the cloud

Data hosted in certified data centers

State of the art security

Your data is stored in sustainable data centers with state of the art physical access security. Such as: biometric access, blast deflection walls, perimeter sensoring BMS system, CCTV & Motion detection.

Only vBoxx staff has access to vBoxxCloud servers, and we closely monitor the availability of our servers to guarantee that your files are always up to date.

Certifications and compliance

All your files are stored in ISO certified data centers, that guarantee compliance with quality and information security management regulations. Data center security systems are tested continuously to ensure complete protection of your files.

Get a visual confirmation when file locking