Access Security

Enforce periodic password updates, two-step authentication, and remove files remotely to keep your cloud secure.

Periodic Password Updates

Enforce periodic password updates by scheduling user reminders to change their password.

Two-Step Authentication

Activate two-step authentication and request additional login verification, by email or mobile device.

Delete files remotely

Remove personal files or shares from any device from a distance, in case the device is lost or stolen.

Access Policies

Share securely with password-protected guests users set download expiration dates.

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vBoxxCloud keeps your files secure and private in the cloud

Physical Security

State-of-the-art security

Your data is stored in datacenters with state-of-the-art physical access security. Such as: Biometrics access restriction, Blast deflection walls, Anti-ramming defense barriers, Perimeter sensoring BMS system, CCTV & Motion detection.

ISO 9001 and 27001 certified data storage assure respectively proper quality management as well as compliant information security management.