8 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity with vBoxxCloud – Part I

The rapid adoption of consumer-grade cloud services in the workplace is one of the greatest security risks for businesses. Employees want their critical files with them wherever they go, including on their personal smartphones, tablets, or even home office computers. Unfortunately, the desire to work anywhere creates a host of new challenges for protecting corporate data. Consumer-grade cloud services, empower users to sync their work data and files with their mobile phones and home PCs, but they can be a recipe for disaster from a data privacy, and security perspectives

There is an alternative approach for security conscious organizations.  This two part blog post explores how business owners and executives can arm employees with productivity enhancing file sync technology, while at the same time safeguarding corporate data.

vBoxxCloud puts an end to “file anarchy” in the workplace and allow businesses to implement sensible security policies that prohibit the use of consumer-grade sync services in the workplace. With vboxxcloud, companies can implement strict security policies on a group or per user basis; prohibit syncing to non-authorized devices; and remotely wipe sensitive data from lost or stolen devices or from machines owned by terminated employees. The company stays in control of its corporate data, while giving users all the productivity enhancements they desire. The result is happy users and business executives with peace of mind that their data is protected.

1. Files on the Go

Nearly everyone has a smartphone or tablet. vBoxxCloud enables users to sync their work and corporate files from their main work PC to remote computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Users can now confidently go in the field, on meetings, or a short business trip and leave the laptop at the office, since all of their critical files are at their fingertips. With all files in sync, users can open, view, email, and share files from their mobile device. With the right apps on the mobile device, users can edit conventional productivity files, like MS Word or Excel, right from their mobile device.

2. Work from Anywhere

Everyone it seems is struggling with life/work balance today. Extending the day by an hour or two in the evening or on the weekend is part of the process staying on top of things and staying sane in a 24/7 economy. By syncing files between your main office computer and a home office machine, knowledge workers are easily able to stay on top of their workload and crank out a few minutes or hours of productivity from the home office. With vBoxxCloud, every computer and mobile device stays in sync and key files help people work from anywhere. Moreover, even when you are away from your main computers, such as on a hotel lobby computer, all of your content is available online from the web portal as well. vBoxxCloud syncs your files to the cloud, allowing people work from virtually anywhere.

3. Cloud-Connected File Server

vBoxxCloud enables companies to take their legacy file server and connect it to the cloud and sync the data to mobile users and teams. For a long time, file servers provided centralized file access and control and kept everything organized in a company. For users on the same local area network, accessing files from the file server has always been fast and easy. For remote users, the situation was the exact opposite in most cases.

As companies have become more distributed, remote users have suffered from high levels of frustration since accessing and syncing with the company file server required a remote access VPN, which was often slow and cumbersome. The result from these technical challenges was more and more corporate data sprawl across an organization and many users working in isolation. By cloud enabling a file-server, organizations and their users no longer need to worry about VPNs. They just stay in sync, between the server, their computers, and mobile devices.

4. No more VPN

The main use case for most remote access VPNs was to login to the HQ network to sync up and access the file server. VPNs have been plagued however with incompatibilities, Wi-Fi and firewall connection issues, and cumbersome user interfaces. In short, users have loathed their corporate VPNs. With vBoxxCloud instead of needing to login to HQ, a user’s files are simply transparently synced in the background, making people fast and productive with their business files.

Next week we will post more tips on how to improve employee productivity with vBoxxCloud.

Source: vBoxxCloud white paper


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