8 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity with vBoxxCloud – Part II

The second and last part of this series explores how business owners and executives can arm employees with productivity enhancing file sync technology, while at the same time safeguarding corporate data.

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5. Sending Large Files

Traditionally, it has been very difficult for business users to share large files with colleagues and clients. Email is the wrong method to share large files, since email servers often have file size limitations. vBoxxCloud enables users to instead share files with web links pointing to files and folders stored in the cloud. This approach vastly simplifies life for users and makes sending large files fast and easy.

6. Sending Sensitive Files

Business users of all stripes need to send confidential and sensitive business data to colleagues, clients, and business partners. In some industry verticals, virtually all external communications may involve highly sensitive documents. Secure sharing capabilities are vital for professionals, such as lawyers or accountants, who must interact with numerous client contacts and collaborate with people outside their organization. vBoxxCloud enables users to perform secure shares. The sender of the file can force the recipient to register as a guest user before retrieving the file from the web. Moreover, the sender can specify download limits, file expiration time limits, and further control how the recipient interacts with the file or folder.

7. Securely Collaborate with Anyone

vBoxxCloud facilitates frequent collaboration with guest users. A licensed user can setup a special collaboration folder in the cloud and then invite guest users to upload, share, download, and manage the content in the shared folder. Since the users are collaborating on a web folder, file size limitations and security issues are eliminated. Licensed users can simultaneous have numerous different shared, collaboration folders in use at any one time.

8. Distributed, but Still in Sync

Organizations today are more distributed. Most businesses are locating employees geographically closer to clients and business partners in order to facilitate better service and business relationships. Therefore, collaboration and effective communication, despite distances, are essential to successful organizations. vBoxxCloud is one critical tool that thriving organizations need to keep employees connected, productive, and happy.

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