Branding in vBoxxCloud

At vBoxx we know that branding is important for your business. Whether we are talking about internal or external branding, we know that it is a powerful tool to reach out to customers and contribute to a consistent brand experience at all fronts. vBoxxCloud is a unique Cloud service. Its versatility makes it different from other Cloud offerings presently in the market. Today, we will emphasize one in particular, branding.

vBoxxCloud is 100% brandable

What does this mean? If you have a business and want a Cloud service that allows you to use your company’s logo, look no further, vBoxxCloud is the solution. You have full control over how you can personalize vBoxxCloud, you can change the logo of the Sync Tool and Web Interface. You can add your company’s name, upload your own Cloud application icon and write your own Terms of Service.

Whether you are using it externally when sharing with customers or internally for different departments, it is essential to build upon the image of your company. This is an added advantage for your business. You can brand vBoxxCloud any way you want. Mobile platforms will show a splash screen showing your company’s name not vBoxxCloud. The automatic report tool can include your logo, reporting your Cloud activity the way you want.

One of many unique features

Implementing a reliable Cloud service where you can use your own brand is, an effective way to solidify the image of your company. Few Cloud Services allow the type of customization vBoxxCloud offers. This is of course only a small sample of what vBoxxCloud can give you, to read in more detail about other unique functionalities of vBoxxCloud visit We will be highlighting more unique features in future posts.

Stay tuned to learn about more features!


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