ransomware prevent recover pay vboxx

Ransomware; prevent, recover or pay?

Ransomware sounds like a recent problem but we have been experiencing it for 30 years. Since the late eighties it has become an increasingly common problem. In most cases hackers access your computer through email or an advertisement and block access to the system or encrypt the files. It is very difficult and sometimes even impossible to get these files back.

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local server

Connect or replace your local server with the cloud

The options to make files available online and on the work-floor are springing up like mushrooms. SaaS, Hybrid Cloud or On-Premise, are terms you can quickly find after searching for ‘cloud’ online. Each cloud platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, but choosing the best cloud for your business may be difficult. If you have a local server you may want to integrate it in the cloud or permanently move the files.

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difference between VPN and proxy

What is the difference between a VPN and a proxy?

Have you ever seen a message “this video is not available for your country” on YouTube or Netflix? Or do you simply want more privacy on the internet? A VPN or proxy offers an easy solution for this. Both hide your actual location, making it look like you are using the internet from a different location than the one, where you actually are. How exactly does it work and which of them do you need to use?

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facts about data centers you didn't know

Impressive facts about data centers you didn’t know

Today, everyone is dealing with data: from huge corporations to web-shops to banks and government. The total amount of data is continuously increasing. To get a better understanding of the speed of its growth, consider that 90 % of all world data was created only in the past 2 years. We build data centers to help store, manage, and disseminate this data. They serve as facilities that allow organizations to centralize IT operations. Read more

Gandcrab ransomware? Don’t lose access to your files!

Gandcrab ransomware? Don’t lose access to your files!

Paying 1,000 euros to get your own files back is not something you are looking forward to. Yet it can happen if you get a ransomware virus on your computer. But what is ransomware? How do you get it, and most importantly what can you do about it? Read more


How to share large files online?

Sometimes you need to share a large media file: a CAD drawing or a graphics heavy report with co-workers. Depending on the size and number of files that you need to share, this can be a problem. Attaching large files to an email is in most cases not possible. Gmail for example, only gives a total of 50MB for emails, and don’t forget that large files will use your storage quota while they are kept in the sent folder.

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