Your guide to the 4 types of AI

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for a while and the word is often linked to images of robots enslaving humans and creating a new world order. Movies like the Terminator or I, Robot, show the negative extremes artificial intelligence could lead to, but the situation is nowhere near that bad. Read more

Gandcrab ransomware? Don’t lose access to your files!

Gandcrab ransomware? Don’t lose access to your files!

Paying 1,000 euros to get your own files back is not something you are looking forward to. Yet it can happen if you get a ransomware virus on your computer. But what is ransomware? How do you get it, and most importantly what can you do about it? Read more

Best Cloud Services Company 2018

We are proud to announce that vBoxx has been recognized as the Best Cloud Service Company of 2018 in the Benelux!

The Benelux Enterprise Award is annually granted by the EU Business News publication to companies for outstanding achievements in various business fields.
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Article 13 upload filter: what do you need to know?

The European Union has been working on an expansion of their copyright law which has caused quite some outrage, but why is it such a big deal?

Article 13 of this new law, better known as the “upload filter” is especially frowned upon. While it strives to protect the intellectual property of its creators on the internet, many wonder whether the law will end the era of open internet.

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How to share large files online?

Sometimes you need to share a large media file: a CAD drawing or a graphics heavy report with co-workers. Depending on the size and number of files that you need to share, this can be a problem. Attaching large files to an email is in most cases not possible. Gmail for example, only gives a total of 50MB for emails, and don’t forget that large files will use your storage quota while they are kept in the sent folder.

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What you need to know about a Data Processing Agreement 

A data processing agreement is nothing new. Before the General data protection regulation (GDPR) went into force on May 25, there were already similar agreements in place. The main difference is that now, under the GDPR it is mandatory for companies to sign a data processing agreement. Who has to sign it? What should be included and why do you need one?

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