Key cloud trends for 2018

2018 seems to be heading towards a continued growth of cloud computing, but what can we expect this year? We have gathered a list of trends in cloud computing that businesses should consider during this year.

Growth in cloud service solutions

IT executives and managers are always looking for efficient ways to accomplish their business objectives. Software as a Service (SaaS), presents a flexible and affordable way for companies to work online and be more productive.

2017 witnessed a growth of cloud infrastructures, expanding the number of cloud solutions available in the market a trend that will continue in 2018.

In 2018, we see more organizations and businesses joining the cloud. A survey on cloud services from Cisco, predicted a significant increase cloud usage between 2016 and 2018. Indeed, cloud adoption is showing no signs of slowing down.

GDPR Compliance in the cloud

By far GDPR will be the most influential in Europe. The new regulation will impact any company working in Europe. Cloud providers will have to be more transparent in regards to how they handle data, and any business will be forced to revise their data handling procedures.

Companies will be forced to be more transparent with clients and will have to be GDPR compliant before May of this year. Read our GDPR blog post to learn more about the new regulation.

Security still the biggest concern

Ransomware dominated news headlines in 2017. Small and large businesses paid millions of dollars to unlock encrypted files, and internet users continue to be concerned about security. This of course affects any service provided online, including cloud solutions.

Clients became more inquisitive about cloud security processes in 2017, and we expect them to be even more in 2018. Due to the frequent ransomware attacks we have integrated anti-ransomware features in vBoxxCloud.

Ransomware can affect files stored in the cloud, changing names or even deleting them. To tackle this issue vBoxxCloud lets users restore folders and files to a specific point-in-time before infection.

We hope to see more preventive and recovery features like the ones implemented in vBoxxCloud. Integrating backup and recovery tools in file sharing solutions will certainly help increase client trust when adopting the cloud.

Teams will embrace online collaboration tools 

Working remotely is nothing new, but we see more companies relying on cloud services and online platforms to work more effectively. Whether they use Asana to organize their tasks, edit a document online with vBoxxCloud, or connect their local file server to the cloud, businesses are taking advantage of the flexibility online tools offer.

Security, privacy, GDPR compliance, and online collaboration will be key for cloud adoption in 2018. Luckily vBoxxCloud is a GDPR ready cloud solution that offers all of this and more. Start a free trial and learn how can we help you be more successful with vBoxxCloud.

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